Use these 3 ways to increase the brightness and attractiveness of the eyes

They say that if there are eyes, there is a world, otherwise nothing. Well, we have an important role in our body and we have beauty with our eyes. In today's world, lack of sleep or working in front of the screen throughout the day has made them lose their sheen. Because of this, today we have come up with some natural remedies that will increase both the brightness and attractiveness of the eyes. Let us know about them.

Keep hydrated - A very simple way for clean and glowing eyes is to keep the eyes hydrated well. Wash your eyes with fresh water three to four times every day. Yes, because doing so will relax your tired eyes. At the same time, avoid watching on tv or computer screens for a long time to prevent the eye water from drying up.

Amla- Amla is very beneficial for bright eyes. G In fact, amla being a very good source of vitamin A and vitamin C strengthens the muscles of the eyes. It is also effective in relieving itching and redness in the eyes. For this, soak the amla powder overnight in water and strain the water the next morning. Then add equal amounts of plain water to this water and wash the eyes with this mixture. It will benefit.

Cucumber Cucumber is effective in relaxing tired and lifeless eyes. The excessive amount of water present in cucumber will relieve the fatigue of your eyes and bring back their shine. Yes, and regular consumption of cucumber also relieves dark circles under the eyes. If you like, cut a little thick slice of cucumber and keep it in the fridge for ten to fifteen minutes. Then place these cold slices on your closed eyes. Keep in mind that let the cucumber stay on the eyes until it is hot.  Then wash your eyes with fresh water. There will be benefits.

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