Use these 5 tips to woo her

Apr 19 2019 06:34 PM
Use these 5 tips to woo her

Seducing women is an art in which only a few men achieve mastery. But even in this art, you can succeed if you sharpen your knowledge about women, their character, know some features of the psychology of women and put them into practice, improving.

Not so important that you want sex. It is important that she wants sex. The rules of seduction have changed: the struggles for equality with men, the achievements of the fair sex in various fields have spoiled all the cards. Now, to achieve the position of a woman, a man must invent new strategies. How to seduce a woman today?

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After the feminist revolution, women introduced new rules in love for men, forgetting that they had been learning to suppress emotions and sensuality for centuries. Women wanted to take off their armor from the "predators" with a swoop and turn them into romantics, gallant suitor, and ideal family men. Previously, men conquered women with actions, the ability to feed their families. Today this is not enough. A woman needs “food” for the ears and for the soul. One game and fire in the fireplace does not conquer it.

A few tips on how to unobtrusively send her to her bed:

1. Behave like a man.

Sincerity, self-confidence, self-irony, compliments, goodwill, smile, laughter - these are your allies. Look at the girl in the eye, hold on confidently, and speak calmly and clearly. Treat your partner respectfully; get rid of arrogance and hypocrisy. Avoid sexist jokes and womanizer behavior. Women are attracted to normal men, not unleashed and immoral playboys, seducing everyone. 

2. Radiate your charm

Work on your charisma. Are you a wonderful salsa dancer? Invite an unexpected woman to dance. For you, there is nothing impossible in the kitchen? Get an apron, stand at the stove and prepare a memorable dinner for your passion.

3. Plan your dates

Even the most independent women love to be cared for. When planning dates, you demonstrate self-confidence and the ability to make her enjoyable. Find out what she likes and include it in the plans.

4. Give gifts

Most women are not mercantile, but they are pleased to receive gifts. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money. The gift should be a sign of attention - it may be a book in which she was interested or flowers that the courier will deliver to her work. If finances do not allow you to make even modest gifts, make a gift yourself, for example, collect a collection for her with your favorite music. This gift is a special woman can rate higher than an expensive item from the store.

5. Never forget about hygiene and appearance.

There is little effect on women as seductively as a wonderful fragrance. Choose sexy cologne that suits you and always use it when you see her. Do not forget about the right clothes for you, nail care, neat hair.

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