Use these Astro remedies to wipe out HEALTH PROBLEMS

Nov 09 2018 01:19 PM
Use these Astro remedies  to wipe out HEALTH PROBLEMS

Whatever you take home in form of money, first of all it contributes to your health in form of food, but if you are not eating appropriately or having tensions, in short if your health is not prosperous then you would not be able to take pleasure in your life.If you face health issues constantly, then use these tips  -

Do Rudra-Abhishek in your home to get relief. For this, chant Rudra Gayatri, “Tat Purushaya Vidmahe, Mahadevaya Dhimahi, Tanno Rudra Prachodayat” and offer sacred bath to Shivling on any day of the week constantly for 11 weeks.

If the poor health is nor cured for a long time, then throw away one day’s medicines and pay money for new medicines starting them on Poornima day. You can also try this during the waxing phase of moon (Shuklapaksh) on panchami, sashti, saptami, ashtami or trayodashi.

If small sickness troubles you over and over again, then mantra ‘Om Ganapataye Namaha for 1008 times on Thursdays holding some yellow mustard seeds in the palm. Post chanting, wrap these seeds in a yellow cloth and tie in your neck, you will surely get relief.

Engage yourself in bird feeding to avoid long term illness

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