Used to take dirty pictures of Hindu girls by taking them to OYO, thrashed by VHP activists

Surat: An incident of beating up a love jihadi has come to light from Surat in Gujarat. The case is of Mahavir College. It is being said that Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) activists first conducted a sting of Jitu Sheikh, who trapped Hindu young women. Subsequently, he was beaten up on the campus itself. The incident took place on Wednesday (November 23, 2022). However, it is reported that no complaint has been lodged with the police in this case.

According to media reports, the incident took place at Mahavir College. According to media reports, VHP workers had received a complaint of love jihad from the college. It was known that Muslim students were blackmailing some Hindu girls. To confirm this, the VHP conducted a sting. The case was found to be correct. According to VHP national treasurer Dinesh Navadia, he had received news that many Muslim boys chat with Hindu girls by creating fake IDs on social media. Also, information was received about the affair of some Muslim boys with Hindu girls.

In the sting, Jeetu Sheikh is telling on camera about the photos of the girls from the OYO hotel. He claims to have 3 Hindu girlfriends. He also tells the names of those girls. He says that earlier he had a normal friendship with Hindu young girls. Claiming to have 2 obscene photos of a young girl, Jeetu Shaikh talks about taking the girl with him often to OYO. It is being said that after watching the sting video, VHP workers entered the college and beat up 3 Muslim students. The video of the assault is also going viral on social media. However, according to VHP leader Dinesh Navadia, they were let off after being persuaded. More stringent action will be taken later. It is being told that due to the dispute, the college administration had asked the students to go out and fight. It is also being said that the college administration has denied allegations of love jihad inside the campus.

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