Try these hacks to peel onion, garlic easily

Sep 03 2020 11:08 AM
Try these hacks to peel onion, garlic easily

Most Indian diets seem incomplete without garlic-onion gravy. Both things not only add to the taste of food but also add fragrance. But peeling them while preparing for food is not a matter of everyone. In such a situation, understanding your problem, we are going to tell you some smart kitchen tips, which will solve this problem in a pinch and you will be able to cook delicious food for your family.

If you are also included in the list of people whose tears start coming out of the eyes as soon as the onion is cut, then these tips are for you. To peel onion, first cut its root from above. Now try peeling the onion peel by hand. Keep in mind that before cutting the onion, soak it in the freezer or bowl of water for fifteen minutes. By doing this process, along with the pungent smell of onion, you will not have any problem in peeling onion.

While peeling garlic, do not stick the sticky part in your hands, for this, apply a drop of olive oil in your hands or knife while peeling garlic. By doing this you will be able to quickly peel garlic.

You can use the help of a spoon to remove the ginger peel.

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