Useful tips to choose the right fit Bra to get Better support in all ways

Apr 25 2019 06:55 PM
Useful tips to choose the right fit Bra to get Better support in all ways

You need to know that ill-fitting bras can damage your breast tissue. And if it doesn’t support properly, you can get back problems, especially for women with large breasts.  They get huge indentations in their shoulders, and the constant pressure can cause migraines. They can also rip your ligaments inside the breast stretching them.

Here  are some tips that can help you find your right fit:

1. The right bra should fit snugly, but just like with a good fit of collar on a pet dog, you should be able to get two fingers under the band comfortably. If the back of the bra is riding up or you’re pulling up the shoulder straps throughout the day, then the band size is too big. Remember you can always adjust the hooks and eyes in the back, but if this still doesn’t do the trick then you’ll need to go a size down.

2. If your bra cup is moulded, your breasts should fill it completely; you shouldn’t have extra room in the cup. Nor do you want to be spilling out of your cup, if this is the case you’ll need to go up a size.

3. Flap your arms about and wave them around. If the band rides up and your breasts start to fall out the bottom then it’s too big. If this happens, try adjusting the shoulder straps, or make the band smaller. If it’s still leaping about then go down a size.

4. If you’re getting ‘back fat’ when wearing your bra, then your bra is actually too big. Oversized bras ride up and pull your back fat up with it. Choose a smaller bra size that sits in the centre of your back where it’s supposed to be and you’ll no longer get the back fat.

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5. If you’re petite in frame and you can’t find a bra that fits, try a Demi bra. A Demi has a shorter wire so you won’t be spiked in the armpits.

6. When wearing an underwire, the wire should lay flat against your breastbone. It it’s popping up, morphing or riding up, you’ve got the wrong size.

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