Learn how long food is safe in aluminum foil

Sep 19 2019 05:39 PM
Learn how long food is safe in aluminum foil

These days aluminum foil is being used a lot. Food is being packed everywhere from home to outside. While kidney experts consider it very harmful for health. That is, this foil is also dangerous for you. So if you also use it, then we are going to tell you what are its disadvantages and how long it is safe.

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Use of aluminum
Aluminum utensils like Pan, frying pan, etc. and aluminum foil is used in almost all households. Aluminum is light in weight, heats up instantly and is cheaper. Due to these properties, it is used extensively in the kitchen. In particular, pressure cookers are used to make lentils and vegetables quickly. Thin aluminum foils are also used to pack food and make some special dishes.

How much aluminum is safe
If the food is cooked in an aluminum vessel on high heat, then a large amount of aluminum dissolves in it, so whenever the food is cooked in such utensils, cook on a low flame and empty it immediately after cooking.

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How long the food has been kept in the foil also depends on how harmful it is to you. Do not wrap very hot food, especially in liquid or sour foods in foil. If you want to wrap roti parantha etc., then add it only after its steam evaporates.

Keeping food in an aluminum vessel or foil for too long can also dissolve aluminum in it.

Excess of aluminum has been suggested to be a disease called Alzheimer's. In this disease, the brain cells are damaged, due to which memory capacity may decrease and brain function may decrease. An excess of aluminum is often found in people with Alzheimer's. Research is still going on on this.

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