Kareena gave birth to a baby with 4 arms and 4 legs

Lucknow: child with 4 hands and 4 feet has been born in Uttar Pradesh's Shahbad. This child is completely healthy. After the birth of this child, people are calling it the 'miracle of nature.' At the same time, some people have compared the child to 'the rebirth of God.'

However, the doctor clearly says that it is a case of the birth of a twin child, but the body of the other child has not been able to develop properly, due to which one child has got extra hands and legs. After the birth, the picture of the baby has also gone viral on social media. The newborn baby was born last week at the Shahbad Community Health Centre in the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. The child weighed around 3 kg at birth.

On July 2, when the child's mother, Kareena, started having labour pain, she was brought to the hospital, where she gave birth to the newborn on July 2. As soon as the information about the birth of this child spread in the surrounding area, people reached there to see him. With the efforts of Rima Devi Verma, staff nurse of Shahbad CHC Centre, both the mother and the child are fine. The child was sent from Shahabad to Hardoi for treatment and then to Lucknow.

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