The family ate the 'Ganja' misunderstanding it as fenugreek, hospitalized
The family ate the 'Ganja' misunderstanding it as fenugreek, hospitalized

Lucknow: A major case has emerged from Uttar Pradesh. Where 6 people of a family had to be hospitalized. According to the report of 'Patrika', the family misunderstood to cannabis as fenugreek and ate it, after which the family members became ill and had to be admitted to the hospital. Taking action, the police have taken the accused person into custody. It was told that a person from the village had given the family cannabis to make vegetables with the intention of joking.

According to the report, in Miyaganj village of Kannauj Sadar Kotwali area, a person named Naval Kishore gave a halt to the village Omprakash's son, Nitesh, as a dry fenugreek. On going home, Nitesh gave the cannabis to his sister-in-law. The sister-in-law considered it dry fenugreek and made its vegetable, and when Om Prakash, sons Nitesh, Manoj Kamlesh, Pinky and Aarti ate the vegetable at around five o'clock, their health deteriorated after some time.

He then asked neighbors to call the doctor. But after a while everyone fainted. Neighbors informed the police, after which family members have been admitted to the district hospital. The police seized the vegetable and unripe hemp kept in the embroidery and took the man named Naval Kishore into custody.

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