Killed his friend and kept his wife with him for 2 years, and then...

Etawah: The body of a woman was found on June 22 in a drain in the Thana Usrahar area of Etawah in UP. Investigation revealed that the woman is a resident of Rajasthan. She also has two children. She was shot dead by her boyfriend. The woman's boyfriend, who was a driver in the travel agency, hails from Usrahar near Etawah. The woman had been living with her children for two years as a wife. The woman's family had filed a missing report of her and the children two years ago.

Police said that the youth named Gajendra is a resident of Noida with his wife Mithilesh. Both Gajendra and Satish were drivers in a travel agency. The two became friends, after which Satish's affair started with Gajendra's wife Mithilesh. During this time, Satish, Gajendra and his wife Mithilesh reached Etawah for a walk. There, Satish Yadav, along with Mithilesh, made her husband Gajendra drink heavily and then sat alone in the car and put on a seat belt and the car was thrown into the canal.

The body of Gajendra was seized from the canal near Saifai airstrip, where the postmortem shows Gajendra's death due to drowning in the canal. After which Mithilesh had gone to her in-laws' house in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan for two months. From there, the two children reached  Etawah with Satish without informing the family. After which Satish and Mithilesh started living like husband and wife. After two years, Satish began to suspect Mithilesh that he had an illicit relationship somewhere. On this, Satish took Mithilesh to the forest near the temple on the pretext of worship and was shot dead in the back. After which the body was thrown into the drain. The deceased woman was dressed like a bride, she also had coconuts, rice and puja material lying with her. Senior Superintendent of Police Jai Prakash Singh said that Satish Yadav had also killed Mithilesh's husband Gajendra, in which he was accompanied by Mithilesh. Then Satish and Mithilesh stayed like husband and wife. After which Satish also killed her. Police have recovered a pistol, cartridges and a car used in the murder from Satish. Satish is being sent to jail as an accused in the murder of both of them.

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