'My family members are fundamentalists, hate Hindus very much..', says Shahjeen

Lucknow: A Muslim girl has converted to Hinduism in Uttar Pradesh's Bareilly district. The girl's name was earlier Lubna Shahjeen, who has now become ascending. Aarohi has approached the Bareilly administration for security by posing a threat to her family by marrying Hindu youth Bobby Kashyap. Shahjeen, who became ascending, has termed her family as radicals. The wedding took place on the night of May 21-22.

In a letter sent to the City Magistrate of Bareilly district on May 21, 2022 (Saturday), Aarohi said, "I am an adult and love a Hindu youth, Bobby Kashyap. We both want to get married. Its right is also given to us by the Constitution. I belong to the Muslim community. My family members and relatives are of fanatic and fundamentalist ideology. He hates Hinduism a lot and I have unwavering faith in Hinduism. I believe in Sananat and consider Acharya Pandit KK Shankhdhar as my Guru. The administration should provide security to us and get our marriage done without any restrictions.

Luwana Shahzeen's father's name is Tahir Ali. She lives near the Lal Masjid located in the Kotwali area of ​​Bareilly. Her husband Bobby Kashyap also lives in the same locality near Shahzeen's house. Both have known each other since childhood. Luwna Shahzeen has also released a video of the administration demanding her security. In the affidavit given before marriage, Shahzeen has written that I am an adult and know my good and bad very well. According to the belief of the Hindu religion, my purification is necessary before marriage. There is no pressure on me and I said everything right.

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