3 men attempt to rape a class VI student, escape as mother reaches home

Feb 10 2020 04:25 PM
3 men attempt to rape a class VI student, escape as mother reaches home

Lucknow: A report has been filed on five people for trying to rape a class six student found alone in a house in the Farrukhabad district of Uttar Pradesh. The victim's mother has accused the culprit of threatening to kill her. A resident of Mohalla, resident of Fatehgarh Kotwali area, had complained against Raghavendra, Manoj and three other people of the locality to the State Women's Commission.

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The complaint letter said that his daughter studies in class six. Between going to school and coming home, the accused molest Raghavendra's daughter. On being told at the daughter's house, the relatives complained of Raghavendra to her family members. On the evening of 28 December, Mother had gone to a nearby house. The daughter was alone at home. At 7 in the evening Raghavendra, Manoj, and three other youths entered the house with pistols.

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Raghavendra attempted rape after the daughter was found alone in the house. Other colleagues have also threatened to kill the victim. When the daughter made a noise, her mother reached home. The accused ran away waving pistols. On the orders of the State Women's Commission, a report has been lodged in Fatehgarh Kotwali of rape attempt against the accused.

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