Petrol become cheaper by Rs. 22 rupees in Nepal from India
Petrol become cheaper by Rs. 22 rupees in Nepal from India

New Delhi: The effect of petrol being cheaper in Nepal by about 22 rupees as compared to India is that people from border areas are going to neighbouring countries to take petrol. Some people have been arrested while smuggling petrol from the footpaths along the border from Araria and Kishanganj districts of Bihar. Smugglers are playing oil while avoiding police and SSB soldiers. The border is not fully open yet due to the ban of Corona.

Petrol in Nepal at this time is cheaper by Rs 22 per litre than in India. Cheap oil sold in Nepal is supplied from India. Under the old treaty, Indian Oil Corporation only asks for oil from the Gulf countries for Nepal. The IOC supplies fuel to Nepal at the purchase price itself. Only refinery fees are charged from Nepal. SSB DIG SK Sarangi said that after receiving information about the smuggling of diesel-petrol, instructions have been given for vigilance in the areas adjacent to the border. SP Kumar Ashish of Kishanganj has said that the police station officials will be instructed to increase vigilance by coordinating with SSB.

The Jogbani (Bihar) border of the Indo-Nepal is on high alert, but there are more than 30 places in the open border area, where people can openly travel to Nepal with the help of footpaths. Sudhir Kumar, the owner of a pump, said, "Petrol smuggling from Nepal has an impact on sales because of the low price." The sale of all the petrol pumps at Araria, Farbisganj, Narpatganj Fourlane is being affected. By bringing oil on a large scale, small shopkeepers in the Indian region are being supplied at low prices.

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