Boy went to meet his girlfriend in Burqa and then...

Sep 16 2019 09:45 AM
Boy went to meet his girlfriend in Burqa and then...

Lucknow: A young man in Uttar Pradesh's capital Lucknow, wearing a burqa, went to meet his girlfriend on Sunday. Seeing the boy instead of the girl in the burqa, passersby apprehended the suspect and apprehended him to police. When the police questioned him, he told that this burka belongs to his girlfriend, which was given by the girlfriend to fix it.

A student studying diploma from an Integral University in Vikasnagar police station area came to meet his girlfriend wearing a burqa. While he was walking on the road, some people caught sight of the woman in the burqa. The woman in the burqa wore pants and shoes, which the boys wear. There was a suspicion that in the burqa it is not a woman but a man and he came here for some wrong purpose. Considering the suspects, the people caught him and at the same time, the chief constable Vinod Saroj posted in the metropolis going on his duty also came. With the help of passersby, Vinod reached the Vikas Nagar police station with the student.

During interrogation, the boy told the station in-charge that he was going to meet his girlfriend living in Vikas Nagar. To confirm this, the police talked to his girlfriend. When the police station in-charge talked to the girl on the phone, she told that she had given the burqa to whom he was coming. At the same time, the family of the teenager has not given any complaint in this case yet.

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