Brahmins regretting after voting for BJP: BSP supremo Mayawati

Lucknow: BSP supremo Mayawati held a press conference recently. Addressing reporters, she said, "In the last election, Brahmins were misled by the BJP but now they are regretting it. Brahmins should come back with BSP in the coming assembly elections.'' At the same time, she added, "The BJP and congressmen had tried hard to mislead Dalits in the last elections and had a lot of khichdi and fed them but they are proud of Dalits as Dalits did not get misled by them.''

She further said, "The Central Government should also understand the sentiments of the farmers. BSP MPs will raise the issue vigorously in the monsoon session of Parliament and common issues will also be raised.'' He further said, "By adopting all the tactics, the BJP favored the Brahmins in the last election and the Brahmins were also misled and voted for them unilaterally. The Brahmins are regretting the government because they all know how many atrocities have been committed against the Brahmins in this government. It is time for Brahmins to join BSP again as Brahmins joined BSP in the 2007 elections and the BSP government was formed in the state. The BSP had also taken full care of the interests of the Brahmins.''

At the same time, she also said, "We are launching a campaign from July 23 to connect brahmins and this campaign is being launched under the leadership of Satish Chandra Mishra, MP from Ayodhya. Brahmin conferences are being started for this purpose. How much brahmins will trust the Congress and the BJP It is time for both of them to be given up.''

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