Robbers loot Rs 90 thousand from medical store owner

Sep 20 2020 05:09 PM
Robbers loot Rs 90 thousand from medical store owner

Moradabad: Crime cases are not reducing In Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.  The police of Moradabad seems to be unable to contain it. Whereas Uttar Pradesh government CM Yogi Adityanath claimed to make Uttar Pradesh crime free as soon as he took power. But the police of Moradabad is not able to follow the words of CM Yogi.

The latest case is of the highway in the police station area. Here criminals rob 90 thousand rupees from a medical businessman. After the loot, the crooks escaped from the scene. Currently, the challenge is to catch the miscreants in front of the police. SP City Amit Kumar Anand, who reached the spot, appeared before the camera of the media. When the media wanted to get information about this incident, they brushed aside the matter of investigation.

Actually, the police station of a man named Mohammad Hashim is a medical in Manather. Today he was going to Moradabad with his brother Sharif to buy medicine from his car. Meanwhile, two youth riding bikes on the Gagan of Katghar area told them that oil is leaking from your car. As soon as the car rider came down and opened the bonnet of the car, in such a time, the crooks escaped with a bag full of money kept in the car. As soon as the information of the incident was received, the police officers also reached the spot and got engaged in the investigation.

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