Fish rain in Uttar Pradesh.., people rushed to collect it

Lucknow: You may have seen hail (Hailstorm) usually raining with rain, but raining fish from the sky with strong wind is an unusual event. A similar unique incident was witnessed in the Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradesh on Monday. People were stunned to see fish falling with rain here. Fish started falling from the sky with water in the rain that started with a strong wind in The Chauri area of Bhadohi on Monday.

The sight of the fish falling stirred the spot. Meteorologists are not treating it as a normal phenomenon. Scientists say such incidents sometimes occur due to low pressure with cyclonic air in the region. Experts say that sometimes after a low-pressure area is formed, the cyclonic air around the river and pond also blows away the splashes with it.

According to media reports, people were stunned when fish fell along with rain near Kandhiya Gate Yadav basti on Monday. As soon as the news of the fish falling was received, people rushed to to collect it. Villagers say fish had fallen at all places including farms, roofs, orchards. The villagers collected more than 50 kg of fish but were thrown into ponds and pits fearing being poisonous. Villagers Ziaram Yadav and Akash said that the size and colour of the fish was different from the normal fish, so it was not eaten.

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