Dead body of Dalit youth found in UP, sensation spread in area

May 18 2020 04:05 PM
Dead body of Dalit youth found in UP, sensation spread in area

Lucknow: Sensation has spread due to the finding of a corpse of a Dalit youth in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh. The culprits also amputated three fingers of the hand of this 22-year-old youth. On giving information about the case, the police said that at least eight people have been detained in this case. Sher Singh Rajput, effective Malwa police station in Fatehpur district, said that the dead body of a Dalit youth has been found in a farm in Chakki village.

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This man named Pramod Kumar went to his farm at around 12 noon on Sunday. Only two and a half hours later his head-cut body was recovered from the farm. The young man's mobile phone is missing. According to the police officer, after inspecting the scene of the incident, there are indications that the killers have killed the young man with great cruelty by putting his throat on the brick. A blood stained brick has been found from the scene of the incident. Three fingers of the young man's right hand have also been amputated.

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Police quoted the family as saying that the young man's father is a teacher at a school in Agra. But he was staying here due to the lockdown. The family says that he had no enmity with anyone in the village. Police have registered a case against unknown killers. However, 8-10 people have been detained for questioning. Police estimate that at least three people may have been involved in the murder.

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