Dispute breaks out between two brothers over property, younger brother kills elder

Ghaziabad: Ghaziabad in UP has seen an incident that has strained relationships. Where a brother killed his own real brother by adopting a knife on the slightest thing The incident took place in Shaheed Nagar of Sahibabad. The police have taken the culprit Aman into custody and now a case of murder has been registered and interrogation of the accused has also been started.

Reports say that a brother attacked his brother with a knife at a Bengali hotel in Ghaziabad's Shaheed Nagar. After attacking the brother with a knife, the accused tried to escape from the spot, so the people around him caught hold of him and handed him over to the police.

The interrogation of the police has revealed that the accused youth is said to be a drug addict and is also being spoken of as weak mentally. It is also being said that the whole matter is of a property dispute. The deceased also has a sister of Suleiman. He has said that his younger brother Aman is mentally weak and is also addicted to drugs. He always quarrelled with his brother over the property.

After all, Why young girl cut vein of her hand and then took this step?

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