Piyush Jain used to put money of 'Hawala' in perfume business

Kannauj: A deep connection to the perfume business has emerged from hawala. It has deep roots in Kannauj and Kanpur, considered to be the strongholds of the perfume business in Uttar Pradesh. The network has been revealed by heaps of notes recovered from the house of perfume trader Piyush Jain, transportation of cash from trucks. Perfume traders in Kannauj have a direct connection with Kanpur. 90 per cent of the perfume traders have offices in Kanpur. Kanpur is also the hub of wholesale business. Not only that, half of the perfume traders live in Kanpur.

Perfumes made in the streets of Kannauj are sent to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Iran, Britain, Germany and France. About 1000 crores of perfumes are supplied in the country itself. Perfume traders also form compounds, which are widely used in pan masala, soap, deodorant, etc. Pan Masala is directly linked to 20 big perfume traders from Kannauj. Since spices have large scale tax evasion, the raw materials related to it are transacted in cash.

In the pan masala industry alone, perfume traders are supplying goods worth Rs 2100 crore per month. This money is diverted through hawala. Transporters have a big role to play in this work. These transporters also store cash under the guise of groceries, textiles and fruits. It has been exposed during DGGI raids in Ganpati Road Carriers. It is now being reported that many big fish from Kanpur and Kannauj may also fall into the trap of DGGI.

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