Kanpur: Women used to be sold in home, then one day…

Jan 06 2020 11:57 AM
Kanpur: Women used to be sold in home, then one day…

Kanpur: Police raided a house in Shyam Nagar under the police station Chakeri in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur district late evening and reveal the business of prostitution running in a house. Police has arrested 9 people including the operator and the director from the spot. Disclosing the case, the police said that for the past few days, information was constantly being received that a sex racket was being operated by some people in the Ramapuram area of Shyam Nagar.

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On this information, Superintendent of Police, Kanpur Nagar, was directed for the prevention and arrest of the people involved in the said sex racket and in the same order, a team of Police Chakeri Police was formed by Superintendent of Police Eastern under the supervision of the jurisdictional camp. Based on the secret information of the informer, 3 men and 6 women have been arrested in the crime of sex racket from Ajay Singh's house in Ramapuram locality of Shyam Nagar.

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Police said that the sex racket had been operating for about 1 year. Other customers and others involved in this are being searched by mobile details. In the incident, Raghavendra and his wife and Ashutosh Ojha alias Alok and his wife used to conduct this sex racket. Raghavendra and Ashutosh are also brother-in-law brothers.

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