Punishment for youth's brutal murder just 2 slaps.., sensational case from Meerut

Lucknow: Dhaba operators beat their own servant to death late at night on the highway outside Walidpur village under Daurala of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Enraged by this incident, the villagers ransacked the Dhaba and created a ruckus. They also tried to block the highway by keeping the dead body on the road. However, the police reached the spot and handled the situation, but later in a serious case like murder, a settlement was done by holding a panchayat.

Pankaj (35), a resident of Walidpur village, used to work at the Chaudhary Dhaba located on the highway outside the village. Pankaj was badly beaten up by the hotel owners late on Tuesday night over some issue. Blood started coming from Pankaj's mouth, then fellow employees took him to the hospital, but by then he had died. When the news of the incident reached the village, anger spread among the people. The villagers ransacked the Dhaba. As soon as the news of the ruckus was received, the police reached the spot and tried to control the situation. Later the villagers protested and tried to create a jam. But, the police somehow removed the villagers from the highway and assured them of action. Some people from both sides enunciated for a settlement and it was agreed to settle the matter by holding a Panchayat.

After this, an agreement was reached in the panchayat to give three lakh rupees and slap the accused twice. After this, the hotel owner was slapped twice in a full panchayat and a settlement was completed. At present, no complaint has been given regarding the incident. CO Daurala, Abhishek Patel has told that the relatives of the deceased had initially leveled the allegation of assault. Later, neither the post-mortem was done nor the complaint was given. If any complaint comes, the police will investigate.

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