Yogi's minister retaliated on Maulana's threat; 'If Muslims come on streets, they will not come under anyone's control'

Lucknow: A minister in the Yogi Adityanath government in UP has issued a stern warning over the statement of a Maulana From Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, Tauqeer Raza, who incited Muslims, following the violence that broke out in Delhi's Jahangirpuri on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. State Cabinet Minister Nand Gopal Gupta Nandi said that whoever has made this statement will be dealt with in such a way that his ancestors will remember. Tauqeer Raza had threatened that the day the Muslims would take to the streets, they would not come under anyone's possession.

Shocked by the bulldozers' action on illegal encroachments after the violence in Delhi's Jahangirpuri, Congress leader and Maulana Tauqeer Raza of Bareilly had said that the day a Muslim takes to the streets, they will not come under anyone's possession. Tauqeer Raza had described PM Modi as Dhritarashtra and said that if this is his attitude, then no one can save the country from Mahabharata. Tauqeer Raza had said, "After Eid, our meeting is going to be final and if during this time the regime did not correct its method, continues to take unilateral action, then it will be announced from Delhi that we will hold a Jail Bharo agitation all over the country. It will include all Hindus and Muslims. It will include people from every district and every state who believe in the unity of the country, especially those from the Muslim community. Because when you don't want to be with us, we can't go anywhere. Pakistan will not accept us, Bangladesh will not accept us, China will not accept us, where do we go?''

Tauqeer Raza had said, "The government will not listen to us, will not listen to us, we will not listen to us, we are not expecting justice in the court anymore." The kind of judgments that are coming from the court, I see that the court is being ignored. The decision is happening on the spot. There is a difference between the accused and the accused. There is a difference between the accused and the criminal. So it is unfair to run a bulldozer at the house of the accused. If this kind of injustice continues to happen under this regime, it will not be the government's business to stop this country-wide Jail Bharo movement and the day the Muslims come on the streets, they are not going to come under anyone's control again. Let this be understood.''

Tauqeer Raza had warned PM Modi, "I warn the government, especially the Narendra Modi government. I warn them if they don't correct this way immediately. You are the Prime Minister of the country, this kind of dishonesty is taking place in your country and you are silent, silent, blind and deaf. It seems that you are the Dhritarashtra of Mahabharata. Had Dhritarashtra not remained blind and deaf and they would not have been watching all the dishonesty and the Mahabharata had not happened and if  Narendra Modi had not come out of the role of Dhritarashtra, then no one can save the Mahabharata in India also.''

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