Girl poisoned family and ran away with her lover, Police started investigation

Sep 11 2019 09:50 AM
Girl poisoned family and ran away with her lover, Police started investigation

Moradabad: A girl has taken a very frightening step to run away from home with her lover. The woman poisoned her family with food and ran away from the house with her lover. When the girl's father reached home in the morning, he came to know about the incident. After which all were admitted to the hospital for treatment. However, the condition of everyone is being told out of danger right now.

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According to the information, the case is of  Moradabad. Village resident Nanhe Singh has told that he had gone to a funeral on Monday. Returned from there on Tuesday morning. Nanhe Singh alleges that lover Arvind may have given poison to my daughter. Which he added to everyone's food and gave it. After which the health of all the family members worsened. He told that love affair is going on between the two for one year.

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The heartbreaking incident that took place 10 years ago in Amroha, in which the loving couple had seven people of their own family cut their necks to sleep. Everyone felt that an outsider entered the house and committed this mass murder. But after an investigation by the police, the case turned out to be something else. Shabnam, the daughter of the house, along with her lover carried out this dreadful incident. Shabnam was the only one in the family who survived.

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