Shocked by double murder in Kanpur, husband and wife strangled to death

Lucknow: The murder of a couple near Barra 2 Yadav Market in Kanpur late on Monday night created a stir in the area. Munna Lal Gupta (61) and his wife Raj Devi (55), who retired from the post of the supervisor from the field gun factory, were strangulated to death.

Son Anup Uttam (30) and daughter (25) Komal were present in the house at the time of the incident. Anup has said that in 2017, he got married to Sonika of Bindki. His wife's health was bad, due to which after 4 days, she went back to her home. Since then, he has been facing a divorce trial in court. Anoop alleged that his elder brother-in-law Surendra and younger brother-in-law Mayank, who live in Barra 2, used to threaten to kill him the next day.  

According to Anoop, at around 8:30 pm on Monday, everyone went to sleep after drinking juice. The son was sleeping in the upper room, while the couple and daughter were sleeping in the lower room. According to Anoop, at around 2:00 pm, the sister came and told him that her mother and father had been murdered below and his senses were blown away, after which they informed the police. After receiving the information, the force of 4 police stations including the Commissioner reached the spot. Police and forensic teams are on the lookout. Entering the CCTV installed in the neighbourhood at 11:54 pm, a suspect was seen leaving the house at around 2:15 pm. He had a white cloth tied to his mouth. He left the house and went towards the Sankat Mochan temple. Police are currently investigating the entire case.

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