CAA: Muslim youth brought from West Bengal, instigating violence in Lucknow

Dec 21 2019 11:38 AM
CAA: Muslim youth brought from West Bengal, instigating violence in Lucknow

Kolkata: Surprising facts have come to light in the arrest of those who disrupted violent protests on Friday in Aman-chan, Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow. It is learned that Muslim youths from West Bengal were brought to Lucknow by filling them in trains. The Lucknow Police has sought a list of such people from the West Bengal Police who may be involved in possible violence. The team of UP Intelligence Police is also engaged in investigations to uncover the conspiracy hatched in West Bengal.

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In fact, on Friday, the police were stoned, arson and vandalized in UP capital Lucknow. In its investigation, the police have detained six people, who are residents of Malda, West Bengal. It has been revealed that after his arrest when he was asked for a letter of introduction, he said that he is a resident of Malda in West Bengal and was brought only to spread violence. He has been identified as Aslam, Shah Alam, Sagar Ali, Sanju Ali, Khairul and Sahedul.

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All of them are residents of Harishchandrapur and surrounding Malda. Lucknow Police has sent their report to West Bengal Police. Here too the police have started investigating. According to sources, more than 200 outsiders came to the protest at Lucknow's Parivartan Chowk, bringing people from West Bengal but also from Aligarh and Delhi. Outside women were also involved in the demonstration, which incited the mob to violence.

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