'Take water from my house..' Neighbor Shahzad said, then the 10-year-old girl went away, he started raping her..

Lucknow:  A middle-aged man tried to make a 10-year-old girl a victim of lust in Shyamnagar of Lisadi Gate in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. Water was not coming in a locality of Shyamnagar since the morning of Thursday (May 18). The middle-aged Shahzad of the locality went to the neighbor's house and said that if you want water, take it from his house. After listening to the neighbor Shahzad, the family sent their 10-year-old girl along with her younger sister to the house of the accused to take water. Wherein, Shehzad attempted to rape a 10-year-old girl by showing her a pornographic video. On being informed by the little girl, the family members of the victim reached Shahzad's house with sticks and caught the accused and saved the girl.

At the same time, some people called a panchayat in this matter and the accused was slapped 5 times and the matter was shelved. Along with this, the accused was also asked to leave the locality within a month. However, the victim's family flatly refused to accept the settlement. The victim's family lodged a complaint at the police station on Thursday night. Also accused of threatening and pressure of agreement. The officials have given instructions to register the case. On the other hand, the victims have alleged that Shahzad's brother has a presence in the police station and the outpost, so the police let him go.

In the complaint given to the police, it has been informed that water was not coming in the locality. The victim's family was facing problems because of this. Extending his helping hand, the accused Shahzad had said that he can bring water from his house. When the family sent the girl to bring water, the accused caught hold of her and tried to rape the girl by showing pornographic videos. The girl started crying and her younger sister told the family about this. On reaching the spot, the family members caught hold of the accused and rescued the girl from his clutches. Even after this, the accused did not agree and kept threatening them. 

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