Father commited 'digital rape' with his own 5-year-old daughter
Father commited 'digital rape' with his own 5-year-old daughter

New Delhi: A woman in the Bisrakh police station area of the Country's capital, Noida, has accused her husband of digitally raping her five-year-old daughter. The girl's mother has been having an argument with her husband for a long time. Bisrakh police station has registered an FIR in the case and is investigating from every angle. At present, the police are interrogating the girl and the father.

According to the complaint made by the mother, "One day, the child suddenly got pain in her stomach, after which she took her to the doctor, on being asked, the child told the mother that the father had done wrong act to her.'' According to police sources, the girl's parents have been having an argument for a long time. They both live in the same flat, but in different rooms. On the complaint of the mother, the police registered an FIR against the father and are investigating. At the moment, the police are avoiding overt rhetoric in the case and are being questioned.

Earlier, the Noida police had arrested an 81-year-old painter on charges of digitally raping a 17-year-old girl. Painter Maurice Ryder is originally from Prayagraj and has been living in Noida for many years. Maurice was also accused of committing obscene acts with the victim. Maurice was a Hindu at first and later converted to Christianity.  

What is digital rape?

Digital rape does not mean that a girl or a boy should be exploited through the internet. The word is made up of two words digit and rape. While the digit of English means the digits, according to the English dictionary, the finger, the thumb, and the toe, these body parts are also mentioned by the digit. Sexual harassment which is done by the digit is called 'digital rape.' Fingers are used in the woman's private parts in incidents related to digital rape. In order to rein in the increasing incidents of rape and sexual harassment against women after the Nirbhaya incident, a provision of severe punishment has also been made for digital rape.

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