Police arrested Deen Mohammed for kidnapping girl child in UP
Police arrested Deen Mohammed for kidnapping girl child in UP

Ghaziabad: A man has been arrested in the Vijayanagar police station area of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh on charges of kidnapping the daughter of his own friend. Accused Deen Mohammed not only kidnapped his friend's daughter but also beat her and called her to beg. The police arrested Deen Mohammad, a resident of Nekpur in the Muradnagar police station area, after a month of brutally torturing the girl.

Accused is a disabled himself and survives by begging. In the course of begging from place to place, he got his eye on the innocent daughter of his friend Chhotu Khan of Rosie Colony. Then on November 28, 2020, he tricked and kidnapped her on the pretext of rolling her on a tricycle. CO Abhay Kumar Mishra told about the case that Chhotu had also informed the police of his daughter's missing on the same day.

The police started the search operation by forming 4 teams to recover the girl. When the police searched CCTV footage, it was found that a disabled person is taking the girl from a tricycle. After a month's hard work, the police managed to identify the accused. After this, the police caught him with Tigri Golkachakar. Even while being caught, he was begging the girl.

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