National Level Kho-Kho Player murdered after rape, teeth also missing... Accused arrested

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh's Bijnor police on Tuesday (September 14) arrested a youth for allegedly killing a national-level Kho-Kho player. The body of the 24-year-old was recovered from a railway station in Bijnor. According to media reports, police have arrested the accused Shahzad alias Khadim with the help of an audio clip shared by a friend of the victim. Bijnor police are naming the accused as Shahzad alias Khadim. According to police, the incident took place around 2 pm on September 10 when the Dalit woman was returning the interview for the job.


Meanwhile, Shahzad alias Khadim, an accused of working at the railway station, spotted her and dragged her to cement railway sleepers. There he tried to rape the woman. According to reports, the girl was talking to her friend on a call at the time. She tried to shout for help, so the accused strangled her with her own dupatta. Meanwhile, the girl's friend heard her screams on the phone. The accused left the girl on a cement sleeper and fled the spot with her mobile. Locals later found the victim covered in blood and one of her teeth was also missing. The family members of the victim alleged that the accused had raped her daughter.

The accused reportedly switched off his phone after reaching home but police traced his last location and reached his house and nabbed him. Police have also found two broken buttons of a shoe and a shirt from the spot which belonged to the accused. Police said the accused had bloodstains on his shirt which was later washed away by his wife. The girl's friend has given a call recording to the police in which the screams of the victim are clearly heard. Based on this evidence, the police have arrested the accused.

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