'Imam pays Muslim youth to trap Hindu girls,' police registered case

Baghpat: A Muslim youth in Baraut, Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, has revealed a conspiracy against a local Imam to forcibly converting ?Hindu girls from Muslim youths. Sajid, a resident of Hilwadi village in Baraut, told police in his complaint, "On August 26, 2021, Imam Mudassir came to the grocery store near Meri Masjid and told him that Muslim youths keep coming and going to the shop. Tell about the Muslim boys who are having an affair with Hindu girls, send them to him, he will give him money and get them married and make the young woman a Muslim.''



According to media reports, Sajid told Baghpat police in his complaint that he refused to do so to the Imam, and the Imam threatened to face the consequences and see him while talking about being with the domineering boys. Sajid reportedly wanted to take serious action in the matter, so he did it directly to the Superintendent of Police office instead of a complaint from the local police station or the Baraut police. Sajid had lodged a written complaint about the entire matter with the SP office in Baghpat on Monday (August 30, 2021).

In his written complaint, Sajid told that the Imam seduces Muslim youths by luring them for money and makes them convert Hindu girls and girls by luring them into their love trap and then under pressure to get them married. ASP Manish Kumar Mishra told the media that on the basis of the complaint of Sajid, the entire matter is being investigated by CO Crime Harish Bhadauria and according to the update yesterday, in this case, the CO Crime has started the investigation keeping in mind all the aspects.

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