'Marry me or else I will file a rape case' 10 years older woman threatened 19-year-old student

Aug 02 2020 11:42 AM
'Marry me or else I will file a rape case' 10 years older woman threatened 19-year-old student

Aligarh: A shocking case has come to light from Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. A student here has asked the court for help, accusing the woman of forcibly marrying him. The student says that he is only 19 years old and the woman who is pressurizing him to marry is 10 years older than her. Along with this, the student has told that the woman is also threatening to implicate him in a false case.

According to the NBT report, the victim is a student of Aligarh Muslim University and has been in depression for a long time. So right there, the whole family of Adilullah is also very worried at this time. Fed up, the student also complained to the police of the Civil Line Police Station. However, due to no hearing in the police station, student Adilullah has pleaded for justice in Aligarh CJM court. After which the CJM court has summoned a report in this case from the police station. The court states that the young woman and her family threaten to implicate her in a false case and spend her life in prison if she does not marry.

Adilullah is a resident of Sambhal district and is studying BSc while staying in AMU. He currently resides in the Pahasu House apartment in the Thana Civil Line area of Aligarh. Adilullah believes that a 29-year-old girl wants to forcefully marry him. According to the victim Adilullah, he used to go to tuition for the children of the said girl's sister. Meanwhile, the girl and her family are pressurizing her to get married. The woman and her family are threatening to implicate Adilullah in a rape case for not marrying, while Adilullah is not at all ready for this marriage.

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