Ramayan's Kush is now a successful Marathi actor

Uttar Ramayana has started on Doordarshan. Along with this, Luv Kush, directed by Ramanand Sagar, has returned after 32 years. Fans are very desperate to know about the characters. Let's talk about the Kush of Ramayana i.e. Swapnil Joshi. Swapnil Joshi played Kush's childhood role. Swapnil was just 9 years old. This was his debut show. Swapnil became very popular in the role of Kush. After this, Ramanand Sagar cast Swapnil in his show Krishna.

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Swapnil played the role of Krishna's childhood here. After this, Swapnil took a break from TV. Swapnil made a comeback as a youth actor on the show campus. After this, he worked in many shows. Hw worked in Haad Kar Di, Amanat, Jis Desh Me Nikla Hoga Chand. Swapnil was continuously working on TV as well as in films. Apart from Hindi films, he also started working in Marathi movies. Swapnil has also done comedy shows in addition to drama serials. Even after years, he is constantly seen on the screen.

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Swapnil's previous show was No.1 Yaari, which he hosted. While the show was telecast in 2019, his last film was released in 2019. Its name is Mogra Phulala. This is a Marathi movie. Swapnil is the big face of the Marathi industry. Swapnil remains active on social media. In a tweet, Swapnil wrote that my first role, Kush, is telecasting the Ramayana episode on DD National after the immense success of Ramayana. You will be able to see it from 19 April at 9 pm. Jai Shree Ram."

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