Harish Rawat hampered return of Congress 'Rebels,' said- 'Mahapaapi' should apologise first

Dehradun: Leaders have also started changing the party ahead of next year's Assembly elections in Uttarakhand. Some leaders are leaving their party and going to another while some are making a comeback. Several leaders in the Uttarakhand Congress are trying to make a comeback but former state CM Harish Rawat is upset. Harish Rawat has described the rebels as 'Mahapaapi's.'

Harish Rawat also said that the great sinners who committed the great sin of toppled the Congress government in 2016 are not in favour of taking them back to Congress unless they publicly apologise for their mistake. He also said that Uttarakhand has also been tarnished by this great sin, so unless they admit to the error and admit to standing loyally with the Congress, such persons should not be included in the Congress.

Yashpal Arya and his son have recently left the BJP and returned to Congress. Many more leaders are said to be planning to make a comeback but Harish Rawat has stood in the way. Harish Rawat has termed the rebels as "great sinners" and indicated that he is still angry with the Congress MLAs who toppled his government in 2016. Rawat, however, is ready for the return of many leaders and believes that he did so under the influence of someone. But people like Harish Singh Rawat, Subodh Uniyal and Vijay Bahuguna are not in favour of returning to the Congress under any circumstances.

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