Pandits are using video conferencing to meet Yajman during Navratri
Pandits are using video conferencing to meet Yajman during Navratri

In the modern era, innovative use of technology is also being seen in worship and devotion. Pandits, who are unable to go to anyone's house due to lockdown, have found a solution to give the 'Paath' of Goddess through video conferencing. Along with this, mMany clients are also liking this method in the current crisis. Acharya Raghavendra Raturi, a resident of Shanti Vihar Ajbapur Khurd, said that he has many people in Himachal, Delhi and Rishikesh. He asked to recite Goddess Saptashati on Navratri, but due to coronavirus, he is unable to go out of the house. None of the lockdown pundits are able to recite any Yajman's house. He gave Yajman the option of teaching through video conferencing, after which he got the lesson done online. Many such pundits are adopting the same method.

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Listening lessons with family
Through the laptop, Panditji is on one side in video conferencing and on the other side, Yajaman is with his family. Due to the lock down, Yajman is joining the lesson with his entire family.

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Affordable classes are being liked
All the well-to-do families are among the people who teach Navratri through video conferencing. Due to more knowledge about technology, they are not facing much problems in online connectivity. WhatsApp, Skype and other video conferencing apps are being used in this.

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