Video: Suddenly all school girls started crying, you'll be shocked to know the reason

A video from the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand is going viral. In fact, the video of many girl students studying in a government school here crying and yelling and fainting together is in the headlines these days. On the other hand, the local people are considering this case as an outbreak of ghosts. In fact, they say that the girls had seen something after which they became unsightly. At the same time, in this case, the girl students are being given the facility of treatment and counselling by the government.


Amidst all this, there is now a new revelation in the investigation of the case. Harish Pokharia, the additional chief medical officer of the Bageshwar district, who visited the school after the incident, said that the rest of the girls were found to be fine in the investigation, but the behaviour of a class 8 student was found to be somewhat different. He was also having hysteria seizures later on. It seems that the student is in the role of leader among her peers and due to this, seeing her having hysteria attacks, the rest of the students started feeling the same. Apart from this, Dr Pokharia said that mass hysteria started with the same student and seeing her, 2 boys and 6 girls studying in the class also started doing the same thing. According to a person who runs a medical store near the school, an elderly relative of the leader student committed suicide by hanging himself a few days ago and his house was near the student's house.

The student had seen the body of the elderly woman hanging from the tree and perhaps she was shocked by the same thing. Because of this, she was doing strange things. Dr. Pawan Sharma, a member of the State Mental Health Authority of Uttarakhand, also agrees with this. He says that influenced by others, our mind automatically releases waves and then the body also starts doing the same. For example, in an atmosphere of mourning, if one person starts crying (Mass Hysteria), then seeing him, others also start crying. Apart from him, Gajendra Saun, chief education officer of Bageshwar, says such incidents are common in Uttarakhand. Earlier also, such incidents have been reported in many places including Chamoli, Almora, and Pithoragarh. This lasts for about 2-3 days and after that everything becomes normal.

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