Harish Rawat reached Rahul Gandhi's house, has the bitterness ended?

Dehradun: Congress is currently in full turmoil in Uttarakhand. Meanwhile, Harish Rawat has reached Rahul Gandhi's house. It is expected that Harish Rawat's displeasure will end after the meeting. Along with Harish Rawat, Uttarakhand in-charge Devendra Yadav and Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal have also reached Rahul's house. Other Congress leaders from Uttarakhand are also going to Rahul Gandhi's house. Some also supported Harish Rawat.

The same State Assembly MP Pradeep Tamta said Harish Rawat should be made the face of Uttarakhand Congress. CLP Preetim Singh said that all is well in Uttarakhand Congress at present. However, Pritam Singh refrained from saying anything on Rawat's recent tweets. But he must have attacked the BJP saying that those whose houses are of glass should not throw stones at others.

On the same Uttarakhand assembly elections, Pritam Singh said that tickets will be given keeping in view the expectations of the candidates to win. Who will be the chief ministerial candidate? Pritam Singh said it will determine the national leadership. He claimed that a Congress government will be formed in Uttarakhand. The same Uttarakhand leaders were called to Delhi today on Friday. Pritam Singh and Harish Rawat were summoned to Delhi. The party is considering an early resolution of the issue so that it cannot be made an issue in Uttarakhand elections. Let me tell you that Harish Rawat had tweeted a few tweets on December 22. It was clear to him that he was a little angry with the party.

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