'Vaccine will save the country from the third wave of corona, not politics': AAP MLA Atishi

New Delhi: The Delhi government has once again attacked the central government over vaccine management. AAP leader Atishi said the central government should stop the ban on vaccination as only vaccine can save the country from the third wave. Atishi said that after the constant demand of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the Central Government has finally allowed the vaccine of people above the age of 45 years to be given. 

At the same time, Atishi said that the Central government is requested to allow the vaccine of Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson at the earliest and provide the vaccine to the people of India. The sooner India is vaccinated, the sooner the entire country will avoid covid. AAP leader and MLA Atishi released the vaccination bulletin on Tuesday. Atishi said the Delhi government has repeatedly been asking the Central government to use a large quantity of vaccine stock in the category above 45 years of age for 18 to 44 years, but not allowed. Permission has now been granted.

She said that every time the youth got the vaccine in Delhi, the pace of vaccination has increased. There was a time in Delhi when not a single dose of vaccine was available to the youth for about 2 weeks. "Lack of vaccine for youth in Delhi is the main reason for the decline in immunization rate," she said.

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