Be cautious for your 'Vaginal Health' !

We girls face many problems specially in our sensitive parts. Sensitive body parts are the more prone to the infections. Vaginal infections are the worst problems in a girl's life, they change whole body phenomena. Producing smell, irregular release of white bloods and many more. You should be conscious about your body health, not only sensitive parts but also other parts of your body. Here are some of the tips to keep your vagina clean and safe from any kind of infections:

Don't apply any kind of deodorizers or soap:

Some of our body parts have self cleaning mechanism so, you don't have to use chemicaliszed products to clean it.

Never wipe from back to front:

If you wipe from back to front, many germs from your anus may stick to the vagina causing vaginal infections to it.

Avoid synthetic, Use cotton:

If you wear synthetic underwear then, ditch it. Use cotton underwear, that will give comfort to you and healthy environment to your vagina. Synthetic clothes cause irritation.

Eat well to keep it healthy:

If you eat everything without any considerations then there may be chance that you vagina will get infectious.

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