In rainy season women are at high risk of infection, follow these hygiene tips

Jul 29 2019 09:08 PM
In rainy season women are at high risk of infection, follow these hygiene tips

Bacteria thrive quickly due to moisture on rainy days. These bacteria increase the chances of infection. Apart from many infections, women are also afraid of infection. Women are more prone to infections in the private part during this season. This is called vaginal infection. Infections often cause them to complain of abdominal pain and if the infection increases, it can reach to the baby. This also increases the risk. So take special care of cleaning the private part and do not leave the area moist. Infections in the private part often cause irritation and red rashes in women. To avoid this, we're going to give you some tips that can help you protect yourself.

- Wearing cotton undergarments during rainy season reduces the risk of infection. The risk of bacterial and fungi growing in this fabric is substantially reduced. On the other hand, the direct sunlight and the drying of the undergarments in the air kill the germs and prevent the risk of infection in the private part.

- During the rainy season, cotton should be worn in loose molded clothes so that private parts remain healthy, too much tight fabrics are not considered good for hygiene.

- During the rainy season, the partner should wear condoms to the male partner at certain moments to avoid pregnancy problems with STD (sexually transmitted disease).

- Sometimes people change their clothes when drenched in the rain but do not change undergarments. This habit may cause you to have an infection in a private part.

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