Vaishali Gupta out with some marketing tips about her Brand Mcaffeine
Vaishali Gupta out with some marketing tips about her Brand Mcaffeine

New Delhi:- One of the factors driving the growth of the D2C brand industry is the convenience of setting up an online store. However, to build a full brand on social media with an audience of approximately 700 million active internet users, you need to stand out from the crowd.

Launched in 2016, the personal care brand mCaffeine has become synonymous with coffee, even though it's not a coffee brand. Instead, they tapped into consumers' love of coffee and introduced a unique single-ingredient product to the skin and hair care industry. 

Co-founder Tarun Sharma first turned to caffeine when a friend suggested applying green tea bags to calm inflammation under his puffy eyes. In this country, it is common to use medicinal natural ingredients available at home to treat ailments.

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Intrigued by the anti-inflammatory and restorative properties of tea and coffee, the founding team began investigating and found that no one in India was actually buying products with caffeine as the main ingredient. That's where MCaffeine came from, says Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer Vaishali Gupta. 

As a brand, Gupta believes MCaffeine has a very strong psychological connection with consumers, making them feel more rejuvenated, energized, and joyful. “With its core assets, we believe the brand is meant to offer unique experiences for your senses. That's where the catchphrase came from."

Since caffeine is found in coffee, tea, and chocolate, the brand utilizes these three ingredients as pillars of content. However, the communication strategies of the three companies are different. The coffee series is an energy-filled approach, the cocoa series satisfies the consumer, and so on. 

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While delivering experiences through products is a central communication theme for brands, one of the challenges that D2C brands often face is gaining consumer trust and loyalty.

Gupta explained how D2C brands can overcome these challenges: I believe that when creating content, it should be very organic and trackable. Second, content frequency also influences consumer trust in brands. Proper balance is key. Third, (consumers of) social media are actually looking for key opinion leaders. "

She also talked about her three elements in marketing: spirit, effectiveness, and experience in winning consumer trust. 

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Continuing to build on these three E pillars of marketing, Mcaffeine has expanded its communication channels by focusing on two core aspects: the platform where consumers reside and the channels that respond to what the brand wants to say. I was.

Gupta said that initially, everyone who discovered the product was on Instagram and Facebook by default. Building brand awareness through these platforms is a key factor, especially as reels increase viewer viewing time.

mCaffeine builds on the core idea of ​​providing an experience and combines this with interesting, humorous, and often informative content. 

Vaishali Gupta the co-founder and the Chief Growth Officer has told the official marketing strategies of how their brand mcaffeine has got up to this level.

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