Valentine's Day Special: Know the true love story of Shri Krishna and Meera

Feb 14 2020 01:10 PM
Valentine's Day Special: Know the true love story of Shri Krishna and Meera

Today is Valentine's Day and this day is considered special for couples. Lord Krishna is considered to be a symbol of love, but Meera's love for Krishna was different. Yes, let me tell you that Meerabai is known for her devotion and love. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you the unique love story of Meera and Krishna. Meera was a great devotee of Lord Krishna - Let me tell you that Meerabai was born in 1498 in a Rajput family of Rajasthan. At the same time, his father's name was Ratan Singh and mother's name was Veer Kumari. From the very beginning, Meera was a great devotee of Lord Krishna and when she was 4 years old, when she saw a marriage happening near her house, she innocently asked her mother who would be her groom?

On this question of Meera, her mother had pointed to the idol of Shri Krishna and said that she will be her bridesmaid. From then on, Meera lost her love for Sri Krishna as her husband. It is said that when Meera grew up, she believed that Shri Krishna would marry her. Meera was very beautiful and very calm by nature. With this, her voice was very good and she used to sing in sweet voice but Meera was married to Rana Sanga, son of Maharana Sanga of Mewar. At that time, Meera did not want to get married, but she had to get married at the insistence of the family. It is said that even after marriage, Meera's love for Krishna did not diminish at all. At the same time, during his farewell, Shri Krishna took the same idol of Meera with him, which his mother said was his groom.

After that Meera used to visit the temple of Krishna daily after completing the in-laws work and there she used to worship the idol of Shri Krishna. Bhajan was also sung for him in a sweet voice. Meera's love for Krishna was not liked by her in-laws and her mother-in-law insisted her to worship Durga Maa as her in-laws worshiped Durga Devi, but Meera did not. During that time, she told the in-laws clearly that she had already done her life in the name of Shri Krishna. Meera's in-laws then tried to discredit her and Meera's sister-in-law Udbai told her brother Rana that "Meera has a love affair with someone and has seen Meera with that person." Rana was very angry and reached the temple with sister Udbai at midnight.

On reaching the temple, he saw Meera talking alone with the idol of Krishna. After seeing this scene, he shouted angrily and ordered Meera to bring the lover with whom she talks at midnight. In response to this, Meera pointed to the idol of Shri Krishna and said that he is the owner of Meera. His Meera is married. Rana was heartbroken after hearing this. Meeka's brother-in-law Vikramaditya was chosen as the new king of Chittorgarh. He did not like Meera's devotion to Krishna and Meera's association with people. It is said that he sent a basket of garlands of flowers to kill Meera, inside which poisonous snake was kept. As soon as Meera opened the basket, a beautiful idol of Shri Krishna was present in it with a necklace of flowers. After this, Vikramaditya also added poison to Prasad to kill Meera. Meera knew that there was poison in that prasad, yet Meera took that poisonous prasad because she was confident that Shri Krishna would save her from poison.

When the efforts to kill Meera increased to a great extent, Meera wrote a letter to Tulsidas and asked him for his opinion. After this, Tulsidas wrote in response that renounce those who cannot understand you. Love for God is true love; other relationships are false. Meera's life changed completely when Akbar and Tansen disguised themselves to come to Chittorgarh temple to listen to Meera's songs. He touched the sacred feet of Meera and placed a garland of precious diamonds and pearls in front of Krishna's idol. As soon as Rana got this information, he became very angry, after which he angrily told Meera to go and die and never show his face in life. Because of you, my and my family have been very bad. You have stunned us.

After this Meera followed what Rana had said and she started moving towards the river, dancing and singing songs of Govinda, Girdhari, Gopal Japat - chanting Krishna. As Meera tried to jump into the river, someone held her hand from behind and she survived the fall. Meera looked back and found her lover Sri Krishna and seeing Krishna near her, Meera could not believe and she fell unconscious in Krishna's lap. It is said that after this, Krishna said in Meera's ear- 'My dear Meera, your life has ended with mortal relatives. Now you are free. be happy. You are mine and will always be mine. After this incident, Meera went to Vrindavan. When Meera left for Vrindavan, Rana went there and apologized to him and asked him to go along but Meera flatly refused. And he said that his life is related to Shri Krishna. After hearing this, for the first time Rana understood the feeling of Meera's love for Krishna and returned from Vrindavan.

After some time, Meera also pleaded with Mewar Gain and her husband Rana to allow them to stay in Krishna's temple. It is said that in the temple of Krishna in Dwarka on the festival of Janmashtami, Meera says to Krishna that "O Girdhari are you calling me, I am coming." Rana and all the people present there are surprised to hear Meera saying this. After that, after calling Krishna, a kind of light was generated in Meera and the doors of the temple closed by themselves. At the same time, when the doors are opened, the sari of Meera is draped over the idol of Lord Krishna, but there is no Meera in the temple, only Meera and her flute are heard. It is said that Meera was absorbed in the idol of Krishna.

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