Police alert on Valentine's Day, prepared for this

Feb 14 2020 10:20 AM
Police alert on Valentine's Day, prepared for this

Gorakhpur: Today is Valentine's Day and now the police have increased vigilance about it. According to reports, the police will not stop the loving couple, but those who break the decorum will be closely watched. Along with this, the police will also monitor that there is no indecency with the people who came to the park. According to the news, police forces have been deployed in major 13 places of the city and in addition to this, the anti-Romeo team of police will be active in public places, malls.

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There will be the presence of police in places like Boating, Budhi Mai Mandir situated in Kusmhi forest, Laldiggi, Pant Park, Jubilee Tiraha, Vinod forest, Rail Museum, etc. During this, Anti Romeo Cell also went to the park and mall on Thursday and checked. At the same time, a message has been given by the police that there is no restriction on wandering, but no one will be allowed pornography in public places.

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There should be no coercion with anyone, police will also be active about this. In view of the crowd at the major intersections, police duty has been imposed by barricading, so that the people who go around do not have any problem. This time, for the safety of the people, police duty has been imposed in all major places and the police will not disturb anyone, but if someone does an indefinite work anywhere, action will be taken.

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