Valentine Week Special: Love Zodiac Horoscope, know your lover's nature better with his/her zodiac sign

Feb 07 2019 04:26 PM
Valentine Week Special: Love Zodiac Horoscope, know your lover's nature  better with his/her zodiac sign

Aries: Aries are ‘express’, not in terms of the pace of their love but in terms of the way they express it. They believe in gestures of all kinds and say it through celebration. They are affectionate and expressive which makes the lover feel like the centre of their universe. They’re also great at putting their lover above themselves which often turns out to be too toxic for them individually. To all sum they are Express Lover

Taurus: Big believers in ‘ride or die’, this earth sign loves to last. They might be slightly obsessive and possessive of their partner, but with a clear heart and a bounty of the most beautiful human emotions like kindness and loyalty, their love is pure as a poem. Being loved by a Taurian makes you a muse and profoundly special.all sum they are real lover

Gemini: The Geminis love with a lot of energy. They are purely passionate and believe in taking the tough road if it is for love. Their love can break mountains and melt the ice. They have a little too dramatic approach to romance but that’s what makes them so full of energy and ignition. They’re often the ones to keep the love alive. The Adrenaline Lover. They are Adrenaline Lover.

Cancer:  Romance brings a lot more than just a partner for a Cancerian. It’s brings a complete alteration to their personality. Love touches Cancerians to a very human level and fills them up with emotions of admiration and gratitude. While they don’t always wear their heart on their sleeve, once romance hits them, it hits them like a whirlwind. They are being Emotional Lover.

Leo: In a love that involves a Leo, there’s always a ruler, it’s the Leo itself. It may not be a play for power but it’s definitely a longing to lead, a longing to carve a relationship appealing to Leo’s desire and intellect. Undoubtedly, they are fierce lovers. Their softer side however, allows empathy and sensitivity to make romance lighter and smoother.They are the Lion Lover.

Virgo: Virgo may weigh their way into a relationship but know that it is for good. They are strong individuals who have infectious strength and can bring in the stability and practicality to a relationship. They also adore immensely which helps them keep the romance burning. They are being  Strategic Lover.

Libra: One’s lucky to be loved by a Libra. For all the outpour of pampering that Libras give, they demand a lot less. They love and they love with all their heart which often lands you in a long-term relationship with a Libra. However, with a passionate personality, they might seem a little overwhelming and overbearing at times. They are  Whole-hearted Lover.

Scorpio: Scorpio love like no other and love no other. They are loyalists and sign up for a long-term relationship. They may suffer with a failure to launch on the romantic front initially but once the rocket has crossed the tough layer, it’s a smooth love-filled ride. Their endurance makes them robust and romantic. Try not to offend them and they shall be the most pleasing partners you can have. They are become Loyal Lover.

Sagittarius: There is no rule-book for a Sagittarius lover when it comes to romance. They are the giving one. Their love has no boundations and they are always willing to go an extra mile. This often leaves them broken-hearted but once hurt, they’d hardly let themselves loose again. Their self-love and self-prioritization gets hard to break. Eventually opinionated and pragmatic, it takes a brave heart to love a Sagittarius. They become as  Generous Lover.

Capricorn: A Capricorn wouldn’t always express love through mush. Capricorns express their love by doing what lovers need to do- being supportive, fun, responsible and loyal. Romance to a Capricorn is a lifelong thing, it's an emotion more than an act. But, when Capricorns organise dates or special occasions for their loved one, a fun time is assured. They are  Low-key Lover.

Aquarius: Aquarius may seem to be emotionally detached because of their independent personality. They are self-loving individuals so it’s never easy to know whether an Aquarius is in love or not. At times, it’s a a task for the Aquarius itself. What may seem to be love can turn into mere infatuation. However, Aquarius lovers are responsible and realise their duties as a partner. They are motivating and mature in a relationship. They are a Independent Lover.

Pisces: Pisces lovers are sensitive for sure. But, they’re also very sensible. They are strong minded and practical people and can bring stability to a relationship. While they do chase adventure for themselves, they hardly sign up for a roller-coaster on the romantic front. They add a twist to the story that can either be accelerating or uncalled for. They are a Sensible Lover

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