You can worship these gods to get your love on valentines
You can worship these gods to get your love on valentines

Today is 14 February. In such a situation, all the couples are celebrating Valentine's Day today and today we have brought important information for the couples. In fact, the planetary constellations are usually responsible for the marriage of a boy or a girl, but at times pleasing the deity concerned with love can give favorable results. About the deities whom you can worship and ask for a partner.

Cupid: You all must know that Kama means love, desire, and sexuality.  Deva means divine or heavenly. In this way, in the Atharva Veda, Kama is said to be for desires and not for sexual pleasure. At the same time, Cupid is often compared to the Greek god Eros and is sometimes shown as a cupid prevalent in Western countries. Cupid can be worshiped to get love.

Lord Krishna: You must have known that Krishna is the God of Raas and Romance according to Hindu beliefs. In such a situation, they can also be worshiped for love and work.

Rati: Goddess of love, desire, lust, and sexual pleasure is believed and Prajapati is believed to be Daksha's daughter. In fact, she is an assistant to Lord Kamdev and women and girls are often found worshiping Rati for love and physical association.

Lord Shiva: Let us tell you that Shiva Parvati is the most loving couple of the universe and their first love marriage is also considered to be theirs. In such a situation, women can worship Lord Shiva to get a good life partner.

Chandra and Venus: The moon has always been a symbol of love and not knowing how many metaphors of love were created. You get the love you are wishing for by worshiping the moon.

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