Valentine's Day is celebrated in a strange way here

Feb 13 2020 03:00 PM
Valentine's Day is celebrated in a strange way here

February 14 is celebrated as Valentine's Day. On this day, lovers send flowers to each other, especially red flowers, and give each other attractive gifts. This day, popularly known as Roman Catholic Saint Valentine.

Valentine's Day is celebrated as "Thanksgiving" in this country

It is celebrated as a festival with reverence to the deity of Penn. It is said that on this day the youth play an interesting game and boys write the name of their favorite woman on a paper and put them in a box. After this, they get blindfolded and take out a chit, whatever name is written on the chit they have to approach that girl and from that day onwards love seems to blossom between them.

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They dance together, the song has to be played, it is celebrated in a special way, eating and drinking happily. This love day is considered as the festival of the union. Valentine's Day is a day to express the sensations of two heartbeats. On this day many people please their partner with many songs with Shayari.

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