If you are going to do sex on valentine then adopt this best way, partner will be happy

Feb 14 2020 12:00 PM
If you are going to do sex on valentine then adopt this best way, partner will be happy

Today is a day of love and this day is considered very special for couples. On this day, couples love a couple. In such a situation, if you are thinking about having sex on Valentine's Day, then you can try these tips which we are going to tell you today.

Night Party - You plan a night party on this day. With this, make arrangements to stay for yourself and partner during the night party. If you want, you can go to some good place nearby or you can organize a great party at home. You can enjoy good sex with a partner after this party and try different positions.

Role Play- On this day, after a night party, you are going to be alone with the partner overnight and are planning to have sex, then, first of all, make your partner comfortable for this. Keep in mind that during sex to improve your performance, both of them can sit and watch porn, this will make you easier to play your role in bed.

Threesomes - On this day you are thinking of triple sexual pleasure and if both of you agree then you can try threesome sex by mutual agreement. Yes, on Valentine's Day, you can enjoy thymus sex with a professional by looking for him.

Food sex - You can make the day romantic and memorable with food sex on Valentine's Day. For this, to make your sex session fun on Valentine's Day, you can try to eat things like chocolate sauce, whipped cream, cake on your partner's body and can stimulate the partner in romantic style for sex.

Outdoor sex - You can have sex in the open litigants of nature instead of staying in a closed room on this day. You can go to a place where sex is allowed in the open.

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