Valentine’s Day Special: Last minutes gift ideas that make a memory on heart

Feb 14 2019 10:36 AM
Valentine’s Day Special: Last minutes gift ideas that make a memory on heart

February 14—is Valentine's Day  is here and the world is busy celebrating the day of love. It's that time of the year again when you show your loved one just how much they mean to you and how deep your feelings are! With small gifts and some gestures, you can make this day a memorable one for your beloved.  However, if you forgot to get valentine's day gift for your beloved, worry not! There's still time and you can arrange something that will put up a smile on their face.

Mix Pen Drive

We all have heard of Mix Tapes but since we are in 2018, how about a mix pen drive?  Collect some of the best romantic songs that perfectly describe how you feel about your partner and compile them in a pen drive. It won't take longer than 15 minutes and is a thoughtful gift.


Composing a poem will take time but googling it would take minutes! And if you don't want to Google it, just click here and you'll find a number of short poems that can be dedicated to the love of your life. Simply pen it down on a piece of paper and gift it to your beloved.

A red rose and chocolates

One beautiful red rose says a lot more than anything else ever can. And there is nothing better than a red rose and chocolates, trust us! Simply grab a red rose and your girl's favourite box of chocolates and wish her with all your love. It is the little things that matter after all!


If your partner is a bibliophile, there can be no better gift than a book! Ideally, the book that you gift should be a romantic novel but if your partner hates reading romance, you can gift them something from their favourite genre.

A song in your voice

There is nothing more romantic than recording a song in your own voice for your beloved. Music has that magic of winning people over and is one of the most beautiful ways to express your love. You need not be an excellent singer to record a song. Choose a simple song, turn on that voice recorder on your phone and get singing!

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