Worship this way on Vamana Dwadashi
Worship this way on Vamana Dwadashi

According to the Hindu calendar, on 2 July 2020 i.e. today, Vasudev Dwadashi, Vamana Dwadashi and Pradosh fast. There is a mythological belief that Mata Devaki had kept this fast for Lord Krishna and it is also believed that keeping this fast eradicates the known and unknown sins. On the day of Dwadashi, we should worship Shri Krishna Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. 

You should worship the idol or picture of Lord Vamana on this day. Now after this there is an idol, then anoint it with cow's milk in the conch shell clockwise. Whereas if you have a picture, then do normal worship. Remember that after worshipping Lord Vamana on this day, listen to the story and do aarti afterwards. Now on the same day, you can make a meal to a poor or a Brahmin by donating rice, curd  at the end. On this day a fast can be observed along with the rituals. On this day you should worship 52 trees near the Vamana idol. Offering panchamrit bhog is also considered excellent.

In fact, by offering food to Lord Vamana and donating sugar, curd, rice, sorbet and Dakshina Pandit to the people, the fast of Vamana Dwadashi is completed. Keep in mind that during the fasting of this fast, it is beneficial to perform this festival by giving 1 garland, 2 gau mukhi mandal, umbrella, pedestal, Gita, lathi, fruit, khadu and Dakshina. Hand fan, fruits and flowers can be offered to God on this day.

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