Worship Lord Vamana with these mantras on Vamana Dwadashi

Sep 10 2019 12:15 PM
Worship Lord Vamana with these mantras on Vamana Dwadashi

According to Hindu religion, a festival is celebrated every day. In such a situation, today, on Tuesday, Vamana Jayanti is being celebrated on the Dwadashi date of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad month. At the same time, according to mythology, Vamana was the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the first incarnation of Treta Yuga and it is said that this was the first incarnation of Vishnu who appeared in human form, albeit as a dwarf Brahmin. With this, it is said that in South India, he is also known as Upendra.

Let us tell you that throughout the year of India, the festival of Vamana Dwadashi is celebrated with great devotion and gaiety and in Hinduism this festival gives a message to the society that "Egoism is the biggest enemy of human beings. We should stay away from egoism only By suppressing misconduct and injustice, you can envisage a healthy society. ”With this Vamana avatar is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, which is well known. It is said that on the afternoon of Vamana Dwadashi, after the worship of Shodashopchar in a golden vessel or earthen vessel by establishing Shri form of Vamana God made with gold or Yagonopavit, after listening to the story of Vamana lord, donate Ardhya, offer fruits, flowers. Along with this, by placing curd, rice and sugar in the earthen vessel, the Brahmin should donate garland, Gaumukhi, kamandal, lathi, asan, geeta, fruit, umbrella, khadau and Dakshina. 

Let's know the worship mantra - देवेश्वराय देवश्य, देव संभूति कारिणे. प्रभावे सर्व देवानां वामनाय नमो नमः

Ardhya Mantra - नमस्ते पदमनाभाय नमस्ते जलः शायिने तुभ्यमर्च्य प्रयच्छामि वाल यामन अप्रिणे.. नमः शांग धनुर्याण पाठ्ये वामनाय च. यज्ञभुव फलदा त्रेच वामनाय नमो नमः..

You should worship Vamana God with these mantras to get rid of your sufferings.

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